Martina Channa

Martina Channa

Free UGC starter Guide

8 week PDF Checklist + notion template!

Do you want to earn money, create content for brands and… get free products? 🙂 Are you an aspiring UGC Creator, but don’t know how to start? Or are you overwhelmed by UGC and not sure what to do next? If this sounds familiar, I have just the thing for you!

This UGC Starter Guide + Checklist is your ROADMAP to success! It’s packed with a practical plan full of actionable steps, expert tips and practical insights. This guide gives you everything you need to kickstart your UGC journey!

What's inside:

8-Week Plan
[Printable Checklist]

Notion Template

Take Actionable Steps

Don't know how to get there? This is your Roadmap to Success, a step-by- step guide.

Become a Creator

Follow the Checklist, take action based on the guide and become a creator in just a few weeks!

Work With Brands

Get free products and create content for brands, while earning some extra income.

Build a Personal Brand

The Guide will teach you how to build a personal brand to attract brands attention.

What you need to do?