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How to create aesthetic content

practical guide for Content creators

Aesthetic content has been getting a lot of popularity, whether it’s social media content or brands channels, websites or ads. Creating high quality aesthetic content is a form of art. It involves a combination of understanding the brand’s identity, your audience, and mastering visual storytelling. Here is a practical guide with tips to help you produce engaging and visually appealing content.

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Understand the Brand

Understand the brand’s aesthetic and branding. Analyze their social media, website, and previous collaborations to grasp their style and messaging. If the brand provides guidelines, follow them closely. This may include color schemes, typography, tone of voice, and specific do’s and don’ts.

Visual Consistency

As I mentioned before, creating aesthetic content is a form of art. There are many ways to create it, and it very much depends on the feel you want the content to have. There are many types of aesthetics you can go for, and the choice of one of them for your piece of content should depend on visual consistency. You need to create cohesive and recognizable content – whether for you or the brand collaboration. It helps in building a strong visual identity that the audience can easily recognize and associate with. Let’s say an example – if the brand’s product color is pink and the content feels light an aery, you should not create content which is dark and incorporating contrasting colors like green or blue. Let’s go over the tips on how to create content achieving the right aesthetics

Color palette

Choosing a color palette is very important to make your content look consistent. Select a set of primary colors that you will consistently use in all created content. There should be maximum of 5 colors that go together. One of them can be an accent color, that will pop. This color can be contrasting. These colors should align with your own aesthetic or for a brand collaboration, they should be based on the brand’s code, their product, website, social media. If you don’t know how to create a color palette for yourself, there are many websites that can help you with it, for example the website Coolors
To give an example, here is the color palette I chose for my website, as well as for my socials:

Select a set of primary colors that you will consistently use in all created content.

Light & Shadows

Light & shadows are another component of aesthetic production, that will make a massive difference. Use natural light whenever possible. Early morning or late afternoon light (golden hour) is particularly good for photos and videos. If using artificial light, ensure it is diffused and not too harsh. Ring lights or softboxes can help achieve this effect.

Check out these aesthetic product photos, that are created just with minimal background, using play with lights & shadows: 

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos. Source of images: Pinterest. 

Try to shoot your content at the same time of day or under similar lighting conditions to maintain a consistent look. Change of different lighting will make your video look messy and inconsistent. Here is another example of what difference consistent lights (and shadows) can make: 

Try to shoot your content at the same time of day or under similar lighting conditions to maintain a consistent look.

Set-up & Prompts

For flatlay, product shots or product details: Use a clean, simple, minimal looking flat surface or use a plain backdrop, such as a white wall or a solid-colored sheet. Use props that match the brand’s aesthetic and the color palette – find some helpful links below. Use direct natural light or soft artificial light to highlight the product’s features. Shoot from multiple angles to showcase different aspects of the product.

Here is an example of a video I created for a skincare brand, that incorporated lot’s of different shots and angles:

You can create aesthetic content even if you live in a non aesthetic house.

You should have a number of simple prompts and accessories on hand for filming for different brands. The most important are backdrops that will allow you to shoot high quality content with minimal setup. You can DIY these with tiles, or you can easily buy a photo board kit. Here are my recommendations from Amazon: 

Other helpful things would be a mirror, little baskets, blankets, trays, plants etc. You can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest as well – follow me there

Creative & High Quality Production

Moodboard & Storytelling

Create mood boards to visualize the overall aesthetic before starting your shoot. Tools like Pinterest can help you find inspiration. It will help you with staying consistent. 
For video content, you can also storyboard your shots to ensure a consistent visual flow. Flow of shots in a video are also an important part of the aesthetic feel, as you have to keep the content non-disturbing. 

Filming in High Quality

Ensure high quality production with using a good quality filming equipment. Invest into a good tripod to avoid shaky and unclear footage or images and a ring light, if you can’t use natural light.


Maintain a consistent editing style for photos and videos. Use the same filters, contrast levels, and saturation adjustments across your content. Here is an example of what difference a color correction makes. Even tho the quality of production is high, the light is good, and the background is minimal, the aesthetic look was enhanced by editing the photo by lowering the temperature and adjusting the hue to pink, rather than green: 

That’s all the tips and trick for you! I hope this practical guide was helpful for you to create high quality aesthetic content. If you have any questions or find something missing, contact me, my contact is below. If you are a brand and would like me to create aesthetic content for you, also reach out! 

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