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Martina Channa

Choosing the Right Equipment as a Content Creator

Equipment guide to Elevate Your Content

If you want to elevate your content game as a content creator or UGC creator, you MUST invest into the right equipment. Now, that doesn’t mean, that you need to spend hundreds of dollars, and it has to be expensive. I wrote this equipment guide to help you out, my fellow Content creators. Here are my top picks from lower priced to higher priced equipment, that will elevate your content game. 

We are going to cover the ground for the whole setup – tripods, light and sound, for the best outcome. I marked the best option in my opinion in all the categories with “My choice!” – so I made it even easier for you to choose.

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Tripods for beginners that don't break the bank

You will definitely need a tripod at one point or another. Now, if you are just beginning your journey as a content creator / UGC creator, I wouldn’t recommend getting a shmancy expensive tripod, like the viral one that follows you around – Insta360 Flow. Sure, it is nice to have moving shots in your videos, but you do not need that in the beginning of your journey. From my experience, a tripod must have these features:

  • must be compact but height adjustable, for taller shots;
  • must be sturdy, so it doesn’t fall over while filming taller shots; 
  • must have the option to put your phone vertically and horizontally;
  • must have the option to shoot straight up shots or downward angles;
  • must be able to rotate and angle your shots.

I already have the top choices, that have all these features, starting from just $8.99:

This Emart Tripod does everything mentioned above and is a great beginner tripod that is just $8.99 – good choice if you are on the budget. It has good reviews and even has a few extra features like remote shooting and selfie stick option. It’s overall a great beginners choice.

My choice!

If I was a beginner, I would go for the ANXRE 50 Tripod. Again, it is very affordable. It has all my non-negotiables, as well as the extra features of remote shooting and selfie stick option. But what wins in my eyes is that it is a little bit more compact, better looking and has a bit better reviews as well. 

If you want to be smart when you are buying a tripod AND a light, you can save some money and just buy a ring light that has few of the same features as a tripod. They are a bit bulky, but they do the job, and they can be 2 in 1. Read about this option here

Higher-end choices of Tripods

If you have been filming for a while and are familiar with tripods but are looking for something more high-end, or you just want to invest in something better from scratch, I got you. These two are both selling for about $30. They are both amazing tripods that have all the non-negotiable features, so let’s break them down.

The Tone of 60 Tripod is very compact and good looking – Great for travel! It has a push button for height adjustment and overall is very easy to use. Has great reviews. 

My choice!

The Eucos Tripod is a little less compact, but much more sturdy for at home filming. Allows better angular adjustment for filming downward shots. Has great reviews as well.

Lighting - the most important part

Now that you are set with a tripod, let’s talk about lighting. It is the most important part of filming – if you don’t have good light, you can have the most expensive tripod in the universe and the footage will still come out wrong. There are 2 types of lights we will talk about – the famous ring light and even more famous “Alix Earle light” – which is a clip on light.

Ring lights have been around for a long time. And they do the job, if you get the right one. Ring lights also come with tripods, so if you want to get both a tripod and a light, you can combine it with this purchase. But from my experience can be quite bulky and clumsy. This one a great choice, if you do decide to go for a ring light/tripod. Is has different light options as well as dimming and a remote for remote shooting. 

My choice!

Clip on light got famous for a reason, especially on social media. They are portable, easy to use and not bulky at all. This light is viral on TikTok, and it has a front and back clip and can be adjusted 90 degrees. It has multiple light settings too. If you want a knock off version, here is the same thing for half the price – you are welcome. 

Don't forget about sound

Good sound is the last missing part in your elevated filming setup. For content creators, sound is very important. It can differentiate you from the rest. In UGC (User-generated-content) brands really care about sound, especially in voiceovers. 

Microphones are quite technical and can get very complicated and confusing. I recommend the microphone below (which I use personally). It is the simplest and most effective thing to use – which for microphones it is a very rare thing to say. I would not recommend any other microphone if you are filming on a phone. For cameras, I recommend to check out the Rode microphone set, which works for both camera and phone. 

My choice!

The BOYA microphone – It is small, it is wireless and it plugs into your phone. It records sound right into your video, so no need of storage or sinking the footage with sound. So easy! It has great noise cancelation and works in a distance of 50 meters. Here is a version for iPhone, here is a version for android. The only downside is, you can’t replay footage with sound while it is plugged in. But nothing is perfect, right?  

Last thoughts

I hope this guide helps you to make good choices to elevate your filming setup and content. If you are a content creator or a UGC creator, I truly believe these choices are the right choices to make for you to make better content

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