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Martina Channa

My Ultimate Content Organization

Notion for creators

As a content creator, keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. From planning your next video to tracking your income, the list of tasks is endless. That’s where Notion comes in—a powerful tool that has transformed how I organize my work. In this post, I’ll share how I use Notion to streamline my content creation process.

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Features I use as a Creator

Calendar - Never Miss a Post or Deadline

One of the first things I set up in Notion was a synced content calendar. This calendar helps me visualize my entire content strategy at a glance. I schedule all my videos, social media posts, and collaboration deadlines here. I can also easily track Usage rights here. The drag-and-drop feature allows me to easily reschedule posts if needed, ensuring I never miss a deadline.

Clients - Collaborations Made Easy!

Managing collaborations with brands and other creators can be a hassle, but Notion makes it easy. I created a template page I can easily copy and dedicate the page for each client, including contact details, contract terms, and project timelines. This centralized system ensures that all relevant information is at my fingertips, making collaborations smoother and more professional. 

Personal Brand - Your Own Content in One Place

Keeping my personal brand consistent across all platforms is crucial. I use Notion to store all my content ideas and drafts, scripts and shot lists, making it easier to maintain a cohesive voice and style in all my posts. I can easily filter these by platform or progress. 

Finances - Track Your Income and Goals

As a content creator, tracking income and expenses is vital. Notion helps me manage my finances by providing a customizable space to log my earnings by categories, and even set financial goals. I can quickly see how much I’ve made in a month and where I need to focus to reach my targets.

Goal Setting - Progress and Reach Your Dreams!

Setting and tracking goals is essential for growth. I use Notion to outline my short-term and long-term goals, breaking them down into actionable steps. By regularly updating my progress, I stay motivated and on track to achieve my dreams, whether it’s growing my audience or launching a new product.

Brand Outreach - Organized Pitching is a Thing Now

Pitching to brands is a key part of being a content creator. Notion helps me keep track of my outreach efforts by storing a list of brands I want to work with, along with their contact information, pitch status, and follow-up dates. I can filter these brands by Niche or by Status. This organized approach increases my chances of securing collaborations.

Shot List - Always Know What to Create!

Planning photo and video shoots can be daunting, but my shot list in Notion keeps me organized. I outline the specific shots I need for each video, along with the script. This ensures I capture all the content I need in one session, saving me time and effort.

Affiliate Tracker - Make Money in Your Sleep

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income. I use Notion to track all my affiliate programs, including links, commissions, and codes. This helps me monitor my passive income efforts, allowing me to focus on the best opportunities.

Notes & Ideas

I also have a dedicated space to store my notes & ideas, or important links. 

And there you have it. Everything in one place. 

Notion has been a game-changer in how I organize my content creation process. Its versatility and customizable features make it an invaluable tool for managing every aspect of my work. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting, I highly recommend giving Notion a try.

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