Martina Channa

Martina Channa


How to create Aesthetic Content

A practical guide for content creators with tips and tricks on how to create aesthetic content.

Create and sell Digital Products

A Guide on how to create, sell and promote your Digital Products to earn passive income online.

Elevate Your Filming Setup

To elevate your content game, you must invest into the right equipment. Here is a full Guide for you - talking tripods, light, sound.

Become a Content Creator

A full Guide, step by step, on how to succeed as a Content creator in 2024.

A Guide To Pitching

Let me tell you the secrets of pitching that nobody talks about that will actually get you the deals!

UGC Dictionary

20+ UGC terms you need to understand as a UGC creator to navigate contracts and collaborations with brands.

Tips For a Great Portfolio

Let's break down some tips to make your portfolio shine.

Bad Ugc Examples

Analyzing "bad" UGC examples. Avoid these mistakes to elevate your content.