Martina Channa

Martina Channa


Elevate yourFilming setup

To elevate your content game as a content creator or UGC creator, you MUST invest into the right equipment. Here is a full Guide for you - talking tripods, light, sound.

Become a Content Creator

Goodbye Influencer Culture, Hello Content Creation. Here is a full Guide, step by step, on how to succeed as a Content creator in 2024.

Tips for a great portfolio

Your portfolio is like your digital superhero cape – it speaks volumes about what you can do. Let's break down some tips to make your portfolio shine.

Bad Ugc Examples

Analyzing bad UGC examples and the mistakes and elements that contribute to the “bad” label. Let's explore why these examples miss the mark.

Holiday Content Guide

In this Holiday Content Guide, we'll explore why this time of year is so significant for content creators and brands and share lots of holiday content ideas.