Martina Channa

Martina Channa

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I'm Martina.

I connect people, brands and products through eyecatching and highly engaging content that your audience will love!

Content Creator

With more than 5 years experience in content marketing, I can create high quality engaging content.

Aesthetic Lover

Need Aesthetic content or content that looks good and flows? Then you are in the right spot.

Digital Marketer

I am a full time marketing specialist and I know a thing or two about business and sales!

Clear Communicator

I keep communication easy for you. The process of creating content with me is clear and painless!

Content Examples

Short form videos

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Product Discovery


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Organic content


Content Examples


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Blog posts

A Guide To Pitching

Let me tell you the secrets of pitching that nobody talks about that will actually get you the deals!

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A practical guide for content creators with tips and tricks on how to create aesthetic content.

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Let's break down some tips to make your portfolio shine.